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The Miners need your support!!!
Fort Meade Athletic
Booster Club
Post Office Box 60
Fort Meade, Florida 33841

Dear Parents and Booster Members:

    The 2001/2002 School Year will be starting soon, and it is the time of year when our children will be returning and getting involved in our athletic programs.  The Fort Meade High School Booster Club is an organization, which raises funds for the students and the athletic programs.
     We would like to invite you and your family to attend our meetings and be part of our Booster family.  With your support and help through the coming school year, we will be involved in many school activities. We need everyone to be a member.
     Your donation of $10.00 or more entitles you to a Family Membership and a listing in the football program.  Also offered, a donation of $125.00 entitles you to be a Golden Booster member, which gives you free parking and programs at all home games, a Fort Meade Miner shirt, a cap, a football stadium cushion, a Miner lanyard with Booster I.D. card, a 10% discount on all Miner accessories that the Booster Club sells, and a bold listing in our football program and yearbook.
    Some of the fundraisers we will be having in the coming year:
 Parking at all home games
 Football Field Signs
 Quarter Sponsors for all home games
 Chicken Dinner Sale
 5th Annual Golf Tournament
 Membership Drives and more!
    Enclosed is a membership form and a copy of the 2001 Varsity and Junior Varsity Football Schedule.  Your contributions are the key to our continued success in supporting the students of this community.
  Family Membership.............$   10.00 or More
 Golden Booster.....................$ 125.00 or More
    If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at:
(863) 285-8131 or (863) 285-7141.


2001/2002 SCHOOL YEAR

Amount Enclosed for Family Membership:   $____________________

Amount Enclosed for Golden Booster:   $________________________

Name for Member List and Programs ___________________________